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350Z Carb Legal Headers

Developed by Japanese tuning house Tomei, these 350z headers give you an instant throttle response and a true racing experience, making them perfect for the track. At first glance, headers and collectors do the same thing. Both collect exhaust gases from each cylinder and direct them into a larger pipe that passes through a catalytic converter and then through a cat-back exhaust. Like many others listed here, aFe`s twisted steel heads aren`t CARB-free, so you can`t use them in a california road car. DC Sports is pleased to present its full performance headers (NHS reference4201). With power increases of up to 12.4 horsepower and 11.2 lbs/ft of torque with our headers, these bolted power adders are a must for any 350Z/G35 owner. If you want to spend more on a component for your car, we recommend that the headers be that part, as cheaper units are prone to cracks. Exhaust manifolds are where your exhaust gases are hottest. If you remove these gases from the engine as quickly as possible, your naturally aspirated engine can produce more power.

No matter how many performance-enhancing parts you screw to your 350z, a restrictive OEM exhaust manifold creates a power bottleneck and deprives your car of power and MPG. When an independent inspector tested a first-generation 350z with Borlas stainless steel manifolds, it was found that they added 10 horsepower and 3 ft/lb of torque to the car. Megan Racing`s 350z headers have a wider output diameter than the other headers we`ve listed in this category, which helps them breathe better. My question: You included the DC Sports NHC4201 headers in your list, but you specified the ceramic version, and I was wondering if your comments only applied to the ceramic version or also to the stainless steel version (NHC4201B). Manufacturer: PPE EngineeringConstruction: Silica bronze with ceramic coatingPrimary tubes (In.): 1.75 Outlet/collector diameter (In.): 2.25Compatibility: All 350z modelsCheck prices: Enjuku Racing PPE Engineering Enjuku Racing`s 350z long tube heads ARE COVERED WITH A CERAMIC COATING “JetHot” to reduce heat power losses. These are the most expensive headers, but arguably also the most advanced available for the 350z. So there you have it. On average, you can expect to get extra out of your Nissan 350z in the 10-15HP range by switching to headers.

Linesracing`s 350z stainless steel headers are TIG welded and bent into a mandrel to improve performance. These smooth, polished headers look much more beautiful than the price suggests. These headers give your car a nice throat growl and are a good addition to a quality high-speed cat and cat rear exhaust. Unlike many headers, these sets are CARB approved by DC Sports, meaning they are legal for the road in all 50 states. This is a big plus to avoid tickets! Best quality headers for your 350z: PPE Engineering Long TubeWhen it comes to processing, it`s hard to look beyond the EMEP Long Tube Header. They`ve proven themselves from a performance standpoint and sound great, but they`re even better to look at under the hood. These are perhaps the best all-rounders on this list – although they`re not cheap! The DC headers fit perfectly directly to my FX 35 with Invidia Catback and top plenum coverage, allowing for faster acceleration in the lower mid-range. I`m just idle, I love the deep little sound it creates and twists my head! Although Manzo offers inexpensive Nissan 350z headers, they are still quality products. However, to get the most out of upgrading your exhaust manifolds, you need to replace your entire exhaust system, switch to a cold air inlet, install a number of spare cams, and get proper adjustment.

This product is intended for off-road/competitive use and may not be legal for use on highways or road vehicles in your area. Some products sold by Concept Z Performance can only be used in sanctioned competition vehicles that can never be used on a public road or road, unless certain regulatory exceptions (such as CARB E.O.). The added benefit of high-performance exhaust manifolds is an increase in power, torque and volume. These headers will give your car great sound/rumbling. You should get a little boost with Manzo`s headers after a melody. In general, when people use the term “exhaust manifold upgrade” or “aftermarket manifold,” they are actually talking about power manifolds. Borla also offers a one million miles warranty with their products, or 20,000 miles per year for 50 years! The best part is that the headers are adjusted to your specific vehicle to optimize performance. Thank you for this very useful article.

I want to add the 350Z header to my 2004. There is so much information for and against headers that it`s hard to know what to believe, but it seems that despite the cost, the profits are there, even if they are small. It`s important to know that different regions use different names, which is why you`ll see people calling them headers, collectors, or even “extractors.” There are cast iron spare parts distributors, but most upgrades are classified as “headers” because of their design and construction. High-performance 350z headers: aFe Twisted SteelAlthough most of the listed headers claim power and torque gains, the aFe Power Twisted Steel headers are the only ones that consistently achieve excellent results on the test bench. This guide covers the differences between exhaust manifolds and exhaust manifolds. Next, we set the best 350z headers for people on a budget, and then for people who want to put their 350z on the right track. Best 350z Sound Headers: Tomei Expreme V2The Tomei 350z headers are not only one of the best options to make your car sound like a race car, but they are also great for making your car look like a race car. DC Sports` 3-in-1 ceramic headers are ideal for road or track applications. They`re a little easier to adapt, unlike some of the other headers on this list. They`re decent enough to upgrade, but keep in mind that some of these cheaper brands haven`t spent as much time testing testbeds as the high-end headers below. The system is not carb-free, meaning they are not legal for road use in California. But that`s the price you pay for handmade products that don`t go into mass production.

If you`re looking for pure performance improvements and want to be able to pick up the phone and talk to the guy who welded them together, Crawford`s equal-length headballs may be the way to go. Legitimate headers for a good decent price, excellent quality. Since these are “long pipes”, they replace your OEM catalysts. It`s essentially the equivalent of replacing your OEM exhaust manifold and running test hoses on your 350z at the same time. In some areas, Nissan 350z exhaust manifolds are prone to cracks. If you are considering buying a Nissan 350z, we recommend that you take a close look at the manifold before purchasing. In some cases, it`s much longer – with a few 350z long tubular manifolds that end up after your gearbox and replace your standard catalytic converters. In addition to performance improvements, these headers also give your exhaust great sound. The headers are all about the smooth and fast extraction of exhaust gases.

When exhaust manifolds compress the exhaust gases as quickly as possible, the manifolds allow the exhaust gases to migrate longer into their own pipe.