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A Legal Alliance

“We are grateful to have CLA as an important resource for our policies and legal battles. CLA`s volunteer lawyers helped us strengthen the conditions and applicability of NPDES permits for industrial processing facilities in the Choptank, Miles and Wye River watersheds. We worked with CLA to create a guide for citizens to participate in the npDES approval process. CLA is one of the best tools we have to fight for the protection of drinking water in the Chesapeake Bay, and while the future of the political climate around the bay is unknown, we are ready to fight! This alliance – with Epstein Becker Green`s local employment, employment and workforce management lawyers in the U.S. and Deloitte Legal`s local professionals around the world – allows us to provide multidisciplinary services with a holistic approach. Nearly 80,000 people have been evacuated from their homes in Afghanistan and sought refuge in the United States. Today, many Afghan families and individuals face asylum delays, which are essential to building a secure future here. The Welcome Legal Alliance channels the passion and skills of the country`s lawyers to facilitate afghan evacuees` access to essential pro bono legal services. Lawyers across the country are seizing the opportunity to address the urgent legal needs of our Afghan allies.

Regardless of their experience, area of expertise or availability, lawyers who volunteer with the Welcome Legal Alliance will have the opportunity to provide the front-line legal services our Afghan allies need. There is still a huge and urgent need for pro bono legal services to manage our immigration system. It`s impossible to overestimate the impact you can have on both the outcome of the case and the safety of people seeking a fresh start in the United States. Advance your business with affordable, high-quality legal services from experienced Lawyers Alliance staff and volunteers. Lawyers Alliance`s legal representation, hotline and practical training programs will help your nonprofit overcome the challenges it faces on a daily basis. Find out more. Epstein Becker Green and Deloitte Legal have been prepared to provide a multidisciplinary team of business and legal experts when needed, who can present comprehensive solutions to key HR issues that impact a company`s position, strategy, innovation and culture in the market. Change lives by leveraging your business and transactional legal skills for dynamic nonprofits serving low-income communities in New York City. Join the legal staff of the Lawyers Alliance and our network of lawyers of 145 law firms and companies to make a difference. Find out more. is the leading provider of commercial and transactional services to nonprofits and social enterprises that improve the quality of life in New York City neighborhoods. By connecting lawyers, nonprofits, and communities, we help organizations provide housing, boost economic opportunities, improve urban health and education, promote community art, and manage and advocate for vital programs that benefit low-income New Yorkers of all ages.

By: Will Halnon The end of summer marks the beginning of a new school year and, to our relief, additional legal support for Chesapeake Legal Alliance staff. Because ours. To prepare for the way forward, we offer comprehensive global compliance programs that assess the situation “as is,” determine the “upcoming” situation, and equip customers with the best knowledge to mitigate established risks. We will develop a plan for the future in order to put in place the necessary controls to ensure full compliance with labour law with the courts. Coupled with the common goal of meeting each client`s needs while maintaining the values, service promise and culture that make mid-sized businesses so desirable, members of the Law Firm Alliance work together to share their knowledge, experience and legal expertise that benefit their individual practices and clients. We help global companies identify the components of compensation and structure the employment of their executives, as well as navigate the corporate governance landscape and increased investor scrutiny. Dan Underwood, General CounselMaggie LaMore, Program Director Full Expanded Workforce Support 2022 Cornerstone AwardsSensorez the date – Thursday, November 17, 2022 Volunteer Recognition Wondering what the Chesapeake Legal Alliance team has been doing lately? Listen to ALC Executive Director David Reed provide an update on our recent work, share. By: Patrick DeArmey Are 330 acres of wooded wetlands and streams in the Bush River watershed larger than a 2 million square foot industrial warehouse. Read the latest volunteer benefits that highlight the volunteer work of our volunteers. Whether it`s regulatory or business – whether it`s downsizing, business transfer or acquisition – we advise and support our clients while offering a full range of change management services.

We comprehensively support our clients in labour law matters – whether in planning consulting; Preparation of letters of secondment, multiple employment contracts or mobility guidelines; or advice on applicable mandatory local regulations and termination/repatriation issues. Lawyers, we need you: Sign up for information! Volunteer here Search by selecting a region, location, or company name. The Lawyers Alliance for New York stands with the people, nonprofits, and communities in our city and nation who are committed to a just and equitable society. Watch our latest video showing dynamic nonprofits and volunteers. Stay up to date with the latest covid-19 news via the Law Firm Alliance`s COVID-19 Resource Center. Oregon cannabis retailers are expected to be on high alert as olcc continues to expand Minor Decoy Operations (MDO) across the state. When the Uk member firm Wallace LLP of the Law Firm Alliance needed local legal counsel in Germany for a major international transaction, its lawyers turned to the Partner of the Law Firm Alliance, Kleiner Rechtsanwalte, for quick and efficient results. When member firm Freeman Freeman & Smiley, LLP of the Law Firm Alliance in Los Angeles, needed immediate action to protect the precious blue diamond from a client across the country, Cole Schotz PC, the New York/New Jersey member firm of the Law Firm Alliance, went into action to ensure the client`s assets were preserved.

The basic terms of the agreement between the parties are as follows: We offer a full range of services to deal with this new way of working – from defining a human resources strategy to carrying out risk assessments and gap analyses. We will also help draft the appropriate contracts so that clients can mitigate potential reclassification or intellectual property issues. We also help with class actions in the U.S. Help find Afghans in the U.S. to facilitate immigration Learn how the Lawyers Alliance helps nonprofits make a positive and lasting impact on Low-Income communities in New York City. We connect them with dedicated lawyers and make New York a better place to live and work. Find out more. Welcome.US is a new non-partisan, nonprofit initiative that engages and mobilizes all Americans to welcome and support refugees, starting with individuals and families who have fled Afghanistan. Welcome.US provides a single point of entry to channel support from Americans who want to get involved by donating supplies, money, or time to front-line organizations; provision of temporary accommodation; or sponsor Afghan families when they start a new life in the United States. Local nonprofits ShoreRivers and Dorchester Citizens for Planned Growth in Maryland Eastern Shore, represented by their lawyers from the Chesapeake Legal Alliance.

The Chesapeake Legal Alliance was founded on the belief that everyone`s environmental concerns deserve attention. Cha`s network of more than 250 pro bono lawyers. The Children`s Legal Alliance helps parents advocate for their children at school. We help students with disabilities, students affected by homelessness, students with host families, and students who have been suspended or expelled. We help parents stand up for their children. Prepare today for the challenges of tomorrow`s workforce Can you help us realize our vision of protecting the Chesapeake Bay watershed sustainably through healthy ecosystems, sustainable land use and clean water for all? .