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Usssa Legal Softball Bats

However, the NSA is just one example of a regulatory or governance body. There are many others, and some of them prescribe their own rules about bats and equipment that can and cannot be used. There is a special exemption for wooden bats that allows them to play legally, even if they do not have the words “Official Softball” on them. Also, wooden bats are only legal if their barrel diameter is 2 1/4 inches or less. Looking for the hottest slow-pitch softball bats in today`s game? Find the latest and greatest USSSA approved models from brands like Miken, DeMarini, Worth, Easton and more at JustBats with fast, free shipping on all softball bat orders. This concept has been applied to the barrels of baseball and softball bats, with the basic meaning meaning that the higher the BPF of the bat, the farther the bat can hit the ball. Since the performance (among other specifications) of softball bats is strictly regulated by softball`s governing bodies, BPF is one of the key weighted indicators during certification. The USSSA has introduced a new fast-step bat stamp. This stamp will appear on all new USSSA-approved fastball bats, starting with the 2021 bat models. In correlation with the new lab, we will introduce new bat buffers to indicate testing according to new standards and protocols developed by the USSSA Bat Committee. This process required months of testing with current USSSA-certified bats. Slow-pitch bats certified to the new standards will go on sale on June 1, 2020. Bats bearing the 2012 USSSA stamp will become grandfathers indefinitely (until July 1, 2021).

On July 1, 2021, bats with a compression of 240 lbs or more can be used in the field. Bats with high weight loss are called balanced bats and are usually very responsive in the hands. These bats are generally easier to control with a very fine level of precision and accuracy. Precision racquets generally love their responsiveness and the greater control they can exert through swinging over them. The USSSA baseball bat certification will also be converted to NTS. There are no predictable changes in baseball standards; However, there will be a new USSSA baseball stamp. There will be no grandfathering date for former stamp beaters, as the new stamp only indicates that the bat has been certified by NTS. Brian Wegman What does this mean? You will see a new stamp on USSSA baseball bats. The new stamp and the current stamp will be in the game for the foreseeable future. In the end, there is nothing to worry about.

When you take a softball and throw it against a flat, hard wall, some of that energy is thrown from the wall into the ball. As a result, the ball does not fall directly along the wall, but bounces and returns to the person who threw it. This means that for slowpitch and fastpitch players, you will consider bats with a BPF of 1.20. Once you have met these requirements, you can be sure that a softball bat is legal to play in a USSSA-sanctioned league or tournament. If it`s stamped with the USSSA stamp, that`s your seal of approval – but if you still need help making sure a bat is legal for its intended purpose, you can always call us at 1-888-540-BATS and we`ll be happy to help. Most USSSA rackets for softball games and tournaments have a BPF of 1.20, for both fast and slow softball. Racquets certified with a GMP of 1.21 are usually reserved for senior league softball rackets (SSUSA). In the senior softball league, extra rebounding and performance is allowed.

Loaded bats at the end of the base are preferred for power hitters who like to give everything with every shot. What`s best for you requires a little thought about your preferences, strengths, and weaknesses. No two players have the same needs in a racquet, and experience alone will surely tell you which weight loss is ideal for you. Summary: The USSSA has been using a 1.20 GMP standard in its softball programs for 15 years. The GMP standard was developed by New York University physics professor Dr. Richard A. Brandt. Softball-Bats.org latest update: For slow-pitch softball and fastball softball, the racquet itself, regardless of composition, cannot exceed 34 inches. In addition, the barrel should not exceed 2 1/4 inches at its widest point. What does that mean? Basically, they stun their bats, but you can keep swinging your current bat! The new bats will have less pop than the old models with the 2012 stamp. The 2012 fingerprint models allow for 220 lbs less compression compared to the new standard of 240 lbs or more. In addition, 220 lbs of compression rackets will still have to meet this standard to be legal for the game, and 240 lbs of compression rackets will meet their standard to be legal for the game.

You have an advantage by swinging older model clubs. ANAHEIM, Calif. (November 6, 2019) – The USSSA has updated its grandfathering data for current USSSA stamp bats to 1.20. 1.20 USSSA-stamped slow-ball softball bats are now permitted in the USSSA game until January 1, 2023. Chapter 14. A hitter should be called if: A. Prior to the next pitch (legal or illegal), it was determined that the batter had hit the ball with an illegal bat or unauthorized racquet. Note: Only bats with the 240 lb NTS stamp play in the USSSA conference. One such body that governs softball (and other leagues) is the United States Specialty Sports Association, or USSSA. Today, the USSSA governs many youth sports, including, but not limited to, fast softball, baseball, and even basketball.

Originally, USSSA stood for United States Slowpitch Softball Association and focused on softball. Although the organization has expanded its sphere of influence, it still regulates softball bats. If you play in a league that requires USSSA softball certification, here`s what you can expect. If you prefer to start your search with a bat size chart, this can help you narrow down the bats you should be looking for, at least in terms of length. Taking into account your height and weight (which should give at least a rough estimate of your strength), you can start here. Check out the following bat size chart for reference: It`s a good idea to start with certification so you can fine-tune the buying process, but that`s just the beginning. You will always need to sift through certified bats to find a model that fits your size, strength, and abilities. What about the NSA? Since the NSA standard is also compression of 1.20 GMP or 220 pounds, will they also change? No, the NSA does not currently plan to adopt the 240-pound cut.

They will continue to allow all bats stamped in 2012 for the foreseeable future. “After working with our manufacturing partners, USSSA will move to a new bat testing lab. The USSSA has entered into a strategic partnership with NTS Chesapeake to validate bats for the USSSA`s slow-pitch and baseball programs. This partnership will give our participating partners and manufacturers peace of mind that the USSSA is committed to growing through the integrity of the game. On the other side are bats with a sharp drop in weight. These bats are called loaded bats at the end of the game for explicit reasons. When you handle a loaded bat at the end, you`ll feel like you`re swinging a heavier bat. In fact, two bats can both weigh 24 ounces, but the bat-loaded at the end looks heavier in comparison.

With a basic understanding of what GMP means, we can move on to an explanation of what the USSSA Softball Bat certification stamp actually means. The USSSA currently certifies bats to several different GMP ratings, primarily with scores of 1.15, 1.2 and 1.21. However, 1.15 GMP bats are usually reserved for youth baseball and big barrel and are therefore irrelevant to those looking for a softball bat. CheapBats.com has the largest inventory and selection of new, used and closing bats in the world.