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Vce Legal Studies Textbooks

Includes a standalone reference section for the legal toolkit that includes clear course information, study tips, exam guidance and preparation, tips for mastering legal citations, and career information. Your eBookPLUS resources include: ? Online video lessons with real-life cases bring legal studies to life? Interviews with lawyers? Links to legal sites? Crossword puzzles for each chapter to facilitate revision Legal studies for VCE Units 1 and 2 Access and Justice 14E and Units 3 and 4 Justice and Results 15E have been updated to include new content and features, including comprehensive coverage of current case studies and legal reforms. VICTORIA`S MOST TRUSTED LEGAL STUDIES SERIES has been updated due to popular demand. Respected authors and Oxford`s award-winning publishing team have updated legal studies for VCE 1&2 Access & Justice 14E units and Justice & Outcomes 15E units 3&4 to incorporate thematic content, including coverage of current case studies and legal reforms. The series has been completely revamped and offers a number of additional innovative features that put more emphasis on exams and exam preparation. Legal Studies for VCE combines accessible language with unparalleled depth and extensibility across a range of print and digital resources. All content in the series is: • explicitly tailored to the design of the VCE Legal Studies 2018-2022 study • presented in manageable areas of 2-8 pages • presented in plain language and informal tone • accompanied by attractive images • supported by marginal glossary definitions on each page. Unmatched digital media New digital capabilities include new video content and innovative Markbook features that make it easy for teachers to assess, track, and report on student progress. Full digital support for students and teachers is provided on obook assess, including answers, worksheets, assessment quizzes, chapter summaries, course planners, printable and editable course notes, practice exams and SAC with answers and more. A series of enhanced chapter features give students of all abilities the best chance of succeeding in VCE legal studies. Key features include: • The legal toolkit in each student book provides clear course information, study tips, exam advice and preparation, tips for mastering legal citations, and career information.

• An introductory chapter at the beginning of each unit covers the basic concepts and prerequisite knowledge essential for successfully introducing students to the main course content. • Chapter openings cover the findings, key knowledge and key concepts of the study design. • NEW: The chapter overviews at the end of each chapter consist of three main review tips, practical questions with task words (low, medium, and high order), and a practice assessment task. • Unit reviews include an assessment of practices for each area of study. • NEW: Hypothetical scenario and real-world scenario features help put content in context for students using curriculum or exam terminology. All current scenarios are current and relevant. • Review your learning questions according to Bloom`s taxonomy to allow differentiation at the end of each topic. • Retrieval functions provide extracts of relevant legal documents.

• Did you know? The features provide interesting background information and additional context. • Learning tips in each textbook highlight important points to students and give advice on how to improve their performance on assessment tasks. Sample pages from the next Justice and Outcomes publication are available upon request. Please contact Lilydale Books. Annie Wilson is an experienced VCE Legal Studies and Business teacher who has been passionate about teaching and developing teaching materials for over 30 years. She is the author of numerous textbooks and has prepared a number of teaching and learning resources for various publishers and trade associations, including the Victorian Commercial Teachers Association (VCTA). Annie currently teaches at Camberwell Girls Grammar School and is actively involved in VCE Legal Studies Teacher Professional Development and Student Review Conferences. The key concepts of Legal Studies Units 1 and 2 of VCE Second Edition have been revised and updated and now include: ? Key knowledge from the study design broken down into key concepts that are easy to understand? Current real-world legal case studies grab students` attention? Clear and attractive design Matt Richardson (B.A., Dip Ed) is currently the Head of Humanities at Ballarat High School and has over 20 years of experience teaching business management and legal studies. Matt is co-author of several textbooks in Business Management, Legal Studies, Economics and Business, and Civic Education and Citizenship. He has held senior positions with the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) as an examiner and examiner. He has led training sessions for the Victorian Commerce Teachers Association (VCTA) and has written articles for VCTA`s Compak magazine.

Matt presents student exam review and preparation lectures and is also the author of CPAP Business Management assessment assignments, practice exams, and quarterly updates. Cathy Gentile Renda (B.Bus., Dip Ed) holds a Bachelor of Commercial Law and a Graduate Diploma in Education and has worked in private law firms. Since entering the teaching profession, Cathy has been actively involved in teaching law as an experienced teacher in VCE Legal Studies, VCE Business Management and Commerce at St. Monica`s College in Epping. Cathy has held many senior positions at the VCAA, including experience as a State Examiner and VCE Legal Studies Review Evaluator. In addition, Cathy was a VCE examiner and veteran specializing in studies for the VCAA and a member of the VCAA VCE Legal Studies Review Committee involved in the development of the 2011-2017 study design. Cathy is also co-author of VCE legal studies textbooks for Jacaranda related to the design of the previous study (Key Concepts in VCE Legal Studies) and has written online assessment material for Oxford University Press. She has held professional development sessions for VCTA and has written VCE legal studies articles and practical exams for VCTA and other organizations. Our textbook collection supports students at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education (MGSE). Use this guide to find copies of textbooks and learning resources for your classrooms.

Check out this brochure highlighting the main features of Edrolo VCE`s legal study textbooks. When you subscribe to an Edrolo text, we are proud to partner with your school to offer professional learning, teacher guidance, usage updates, and student presentations to maximize the impact of Edrolo`s resources on your students` engagement and academic achievement. Edololo`s textbooks are designed by educators for educators, and we will continue to solicit feedback from students and teachers on our mission to improve education. CPAP is proud to announce the publication of the book “Legal Studies from the ground up – a textbook for students of VCE Legal Studies Units 1&2”. Presents important topics with clear language and an informal tone supported by engaging images. Includes chapter openings to cover findings, key knowledge, and key terms in the study design. Chapter overviews provide opportunities for expansion. Photo by Ron Lach used under a Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. Shipping in 7 to 10 business days Questions? Call us at 03 9739 6186 Scaffolding Student learning and navigation aid by sequencing key topics into topics of 2 to 8 pages. Lisa Filippin is an experienced lawyer, teacher, evaluator and examiner. She currently works as a lawyer and works primarily in the areas of commercial litigation and insolvency.

Prior to working as a lawyer, Lisa taught law and business management at Melbourne Girls Grammar and was also a Grade 10 coordinator. Lisa has held several roles, including exam development, assessment and curriculum development, and participated in the re-accreditation of the VCE Legal Studies course in 2009-2010 and 2016-2017. Peter Farrar has been teaching VCE Legal Studies for over 25 years. He is passionate about learning and teaching and is highly qualified in developing a range of learning materials to meet the needs of a variety of students. During his career, he is the author of more than 20 books and has also held numerous leadership positions. Peter is actively involved with the VCTA and has been a regular anchor at Comview since 1992. He currently teaches at Star of the Sea College. Oxford`s experienced team of writers bring their unparalleled expertise in the field to the new editions of Access & Justice and Justice & Outcomes, providing the most authoritative voice on the market. The legal studies for VCE units 1 and 2 Access and Justice 14E cover the study design content of Unit 1: Guilt and Responsibility and Unit 2: Sanctions, remedies and rights. The student book features a simple and engaging design with targeted features on the page that support student understanding and progress.